DNM Software LLC Privacy Policy

DNM Software LLC takes your privacy seriously and the DNM Software LLC website herein referred to as “the site” may collect limited information about our visitors including about there location, browser information and operating system information. The site does not collect unless submitted through our e-mail for any other information about your individual contact information unless submitted by a user through our contact form. Any information submitted to us through the site contact form is kept strictly confidential and will never be passed on or sold to another site or company for any use public or private.

DNM Software LLC Terms of Use

The DNM Software LLC terms of use for our website referred to as “the site” or “site” by visitors herein referred to “visitor” or “visitors” are listed here. Please read them carefully.

Copyright, trademark and intellectual property

The site uses and displays information that may be covered under various trademark, copyright or intellectual property regulations including but not limited to text, images, video, logos, trademarks, database information and programming code herein referred to as “content”. Users of the site may not without prior express permission of DNM Software LLC modify, copy, reproduce, sell or transmit content from or about this site or its samples sites for any purpose commercial or private without receiving prior permission in writing from DNM Software LLC. The sole exception to this is in the event that a visitor wishes to link to or reproduce text from or blog section they may do so without receiving prior permission providing that the works source including a link to this site is provided and visible on the reproducing site.

Links to other sites

The site provides for education and example purposes links to other websites in several areas of out site. These websites though linked to by DNM Software LLC are not owned or controlled by DNM Software LLC and although we make every effort to ensure the quality of these links visitors will not hold DNM Software LLC liable for any content viewed or accessed as a result of visiting these sites.

Changes to Privacy and Terms of Use

DNM Software LLC reserves the right to update or amend the privacy policies of out site(s) without notice.

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